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Hologram Display Protective Cover

TMT group Limited manufactures and supplies Hologram Fan Display Protective Covers for efficiently protecting hologram fan, also called as spinning LED hologram, 3D holographic fan,  holographic fan display, etc. Once the hologram fan is installed with the professional help, it is not recommended to disassemble the same without the professional help in order to avoid damage. Once it is assembled, it is important to protect it against any unintentional damage. For the security of this high-tech product, buy a hologram display protective cover. Once the device is secured, it will form the impressive 3D stereo picture, graphics or video. For the formation of the aforementioned, this high-tech product uses human eye retention principle and rotates at high speed. This device can be found in shopping malls, restaurants, jewellery stores and shops, advertising in 3D display.

Key Points:
  • We provide these protective covers in square and circular profiles.
  • We provide these covers in different sizes, to suit every hologram advertising display size.
  • One can gift this device along with a protective cover to friends and family on festivals.

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