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3D Hologram Advertising Fan

Holographic advertising device with 3D visual effect since the development no more than a year, has promptly occupied the domestic markets of China, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Guangzhou; and rapidly development to over 20 countries, such as Dubai, United States, India, Italy, Mexico, Israel and Turkey, causing a 3D cyclone globally.

Main application areas:

This device is apt for 3D display advertisement in areas, like cinemas, clubs, bars, shopping malls, franchised stores and so on. Merchants via 3D content display can attract many people towards it. They can use this device for displaying individual objects, like car, jewellery, watch, industrial product, cartoon, etc., in the air. They can set the size of the specific object to be displayed with ease.

TMT Group Limited, a Shijiazhuang, Hebei (China) located manufacture and exporter has bough revolution in indoor advertising market with the range of 3D Hologram Advertising Fans. These advertising fans can be used for advertising in areas, like:

  • Malls
  • Bus terminals
  • Airports
  • Exhibition centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Railway stations


  • Based on the visual temporary stay principle of the human eye, the LED lamps rotate creating an image with any border.

Easy to carry

  • The size of packing carton is 53*15*17cm and the weight is 1.3 kg, which makes it easier to carry.

Easy to install

  • One can detach the bottom bracket of the product, and fix the product onto the wall or carrier like tripod.
  • Eye-catching
  • This hologram display fans can be used in anywhere for advertisement, given to its unique non - border design and the effect of non - screen display for publicity. This kind of advertisement earns enough eyeballs.

The idea behind using this advertising technique over others is to create a lasting visual impression on prospective customers' mind. Not only this advertising technique is effective, but also economical as compared to other techniques. At this price point, only LED Fan Advertising Machine Hologram Display can grab the attention of customers towards the displayed product or service by creating a 3D product or service display in the air in less than 10 seconds. The 3D dynamic display can be visible from multiple angles. We make our customers available Hologram Display Fan in several resolutions, for instance:

  • 450*224  
  • 450*320  
  • 680*680

Naked eye visual, 3D cyclone.

Product Image (Z1)

450*224 Resolution Hologram Display Fan

Price: 100 USD ($)/Piece

42Cm & 100Cm 450*224 Resolution Hologram Display Fan help to show 3D effect image and video by rotating LED fans. It can help and share advertising content efficiently. It is an economical solution to show a holographic effect of floating free in air. To capture the image, the fan can be fixed on concrete wall, clear image can be saw in a long distance. Moreover, 450*224 Resolulation Hologram Display Fan can be easily fixed on different building or structure by screw. Simple and easy operation.

Product Image (Z2)

450*320 Resolution Hologram Display Fan

Price: 100 USD ($)/Piece

High-Tech Advertising Machine 450*320 Resolution Hologram Display Fan is a product that presents your product in a new way. With the holographic display you can make a virtual world around your product. This 450*320 Resolulation Hologram Display Fan presents clear images which are easy to observe. Premium-grade components are obtained from the market. Our trained engineers manufacture this product by using latest technology equipment and tools in our well-equipped infrastructure facility.

Product Image (Z3)

680*680 Resolution Hologram Display Fan

680*680 Resolution Hologram Display Fan is newest hologram solution for brands and retailer advertisement. It is based on chip and LED technology. It uses SD card to help 3D video to appear floating the air, this affect is said to be quite unique. It can be used in shopping mall, shop store, and marketing promotion, can draw clients' attention well. 680*680 Resolulation Hologram Display Fan is a best choice if you want to enhance your sales and receive high brand exposure in an innovative way.


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